You're not mad, you're just lonely

by Half Asleep & Delphine Dora

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You’re not mad, you’re just lonely is a full-length recording from the duo Delphine Dora & Half Asleep. Together, the French and Belgian musicians crafted an album of startling pop songs, with classical, experimental and contemporary influences, taking an obvious pleasure in their collaboration while seeking to push forward the boundaries of their respective universes. For this new project, they spent a week together in Southern France, 5 days of which they dedicated to the composition and recording of the album’s 13 songs. During the session, they invoked the literary spectres of playwright Sarah Kane, writer Janet Frame, famous wife and letter-writer Zelda Fitzgerald, or of Beckett’s fictional character Molloy, making central to their musical peregrinations the theme of mental alienation, a topic they each in their non-music-related lives devoted several years of research to. The result is a spontaneous and somewhat heterogeneous collection of songs centred on the piano and vocal, and that will take the listener to a variety of enchanted, amusing or terrifying places.


released 26 January 2012

1. in search of pure language - extracts from « contagion » (brian evenson); dana hilliot : music, piano, sounds, electronics (special thanks to capu !)
2. from the chapters to the window - half asleep : words (inspired by janet frame's life and work), piano, vocals; delphine dora : vocals
3. and suddenly i remembered my name - extracts from « molloy » (samuel beckett); half asleep : guitar, vocals ; delphine dora : vocals
4. a song for my loved one - extracts from « 4.48 psychosis » (sarah kane); delphine dora : piano, vocals ; half asleep : backing vocals
5. now everything is quiet - half asleep : words, piano, vocals; delphine dora : vocals
6. you don’t like to be touched, i’ll remember that - half asleep : words, piano, organ, vocals; delphine dora: vocals; jullian angel : vocals
7. the rupture begins - extracts from « 4.48 psychosis » (sarah kane); half asleep : vocals, noises; delphine dora : vocals, organ, noises
8. schreber's waltz - extracts from « memoirs from my nervous illness » (daniel paul schreber); half asleep : piano (1st part), vocals; delphine dora : piano (1st & 2nd part), vocals; thomas boudineau : trombone, vocals ; add. vocals by lunt & dana hilliot
9. body and soul can never be married - extracts taken « 4.48 psychosis », (sarah kane); half asleep : vocals, flute; delphine dora : vocals
10. a sweet lament - half asleep : words, vocals, clarinet; delphine dora : vocals, piano
11. zelda - half asleep : words (inspired by zelda fitzgerald's life and letters), vocals, organ; delphine dora : piano
12. g. (god asks us) - extracts from g.'s letters; half asleep : vocals, organ; delphine dora : piano, backing vocals
13. i can’t do anything (they’re everywhere) - extracts from the movie “sybil” (daniel petrie); half asleep : piano, vocals, noises; delphine dora : piano, vocals, noises
all book extracts selected by delphine dora
composed/improvised and recorded in 5 days in july 2010
mix : dana hilliot & mastering : lunt



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Delphine Dora

Born in 1980, Delphine Dora is a pianist, improviser, singer, and songwriter from France. She did many solo or collaboration recordings in the past and now, released on micro independent labels or available by free download. Drawing inspirations from various influences, her music is intimate, wild, weird and unclassifiable. ... more

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Track Name: And suddenly i remembered my name
Let the silence enter in is the role of the object
Speaking of cycling, what a relief
Unfortunately, this is not what it is,
but of her that gave me the day by the ass

And suddenly, I remembered my name, Molloy,
My name Molloy
It's the name of Her mom
Molloy, I say, my name is Molloy
And your mother? What's Her Name?

We realize of course, this is not the self that is dead, all other
So we get up, and we went to her mother who feels alive
We'll have now to come out from this sort of gap
It was so long that I lived far from the words
You see, i was enough to see my city
Since this is my city, not to be able,
you understand
You understand that all I needed to see my town for example
cause this is my city
The sensation of my body was enveloped in anonymity often difficult to penetrate,
We just see what I see,
I know what the words know and dead things and it makes a pretty small sum
With a beginning, a middle and an end,
as in well-built sentences
We invent nothing, we believe to invent, to escape,
It is only stammer his lesson,
snatches of a chore learned and forgotten,
life without tears, as we weep

And the thing ruined,
I do not know what it was, nor, consequently,
if not less than the ruins unshakeable confusion of things eternal
In any case, a link without mystery, magic
Track Name: A song for my loved one
A song for my loved one, touching her absence
The flux of her heart, the splash of her smile

In ten years time she’ll still be dead
When i’m living with it, dealing with it,
When a few days pass when i don’t even
Think of it, she’ll still be dead
When i’m an old lady living in the street forgetting my name
She’ll still be dead, she’ll still be dead
Fucking over and i must stand alone

My love, my love, why have you forsaken me?
She is the couching place where i never shall lie
And there’s no meaning to life in the light of my loss
Built to be lonely
To love the absent
Find me Find me
Free me
From this
Corrosive doubt
Futile despair
Horror in repose
The vital need for which I would die breakdown
Track Name: A sweet lament
One day, they started to whisper back at me
One day, they started to whisper things back at me

I couldn’t believe the ground, its sweet lament dissolving
I couldn’t believe the Tong that once spoke so eloquently
The great turmoil of voices weakening rapidly
The great hymn of the living fading into murmurs
hush hush hush
I kept my composure
Hush hush hush
A nod or a whisper
The only remaining kind of

We once possessed the Verb, and how possessed we were!
Filled with chords of joy that had us dance anywhere
How we clamoured for more! in the most dissonant way
How we resonated! Feverish at the gates
But hush hush hush
Let’s keep our composure
Hush hush hush
A nod or a whisper
The only remaining kind of

Now everything is quiet and I thought I was the speechless one
The only one whose voice never more raised in command
Marked by the sciences of men – loud as children
In a festival of growls, the most involuntary pocket of resistance

Now everything is quiet and we moan our unfamiliar sentence
With words drained of sound, only hard shells spoken
If this is the final shutdown, dear friends, at least we’re alike now
In sickness and in health, all equal in silence
Track Name: Zelda
Dear love, I seem to harp on one string
Since that afternoon when they came
With the order to lock things in
Like myself and other things

A sentinel would have rang the bell,
Asked for a quick repentance
But you just leaned to my ear and said:
Don’t oppose resistance
Oh I didn’t
Oh I did
Oh I didn’t
Oh I did resist

Come to visit
Be a witness of my decaying
Oh do come! I insist
And see the state I’m in
I’ve failed our symmetry
And you’ve failed me

Now if half a human being
Ruins of a once cherished body
Were to crumble at your feet
Would you give ‘em instantly
Your hand, your blood, liquored and guilty?
Dear love, I remember
When we danced in the luminous breeze (light morning)
Fragrances from last summer

Then to your growing apathy,
Without a fight you surrendered
By oversight, abandoned me
To a thousand voices that wavered
Oh I couldn’t
Oh I’ve tried
Oh I couldn’t
Oh I’ve tried to resist

Come to visit
Be a witness of my decomposing
Oh do come! I insist
And see the state I’m in
I’ve failed our symmetry
and you’ve failed me