Distance Future

by Delphine Dora and Sophie Cooper



This is edited together from the highlights of a very creative session that Sophie Cooper and Delphine Dora had in the perfect setting of Todmorden Unitarian Church. This is their first collaboration, although Delphine put out Sophie’s stunning solo album “Our Aquarius” last year on her own excellent Wild Silence label. They also both appeared separately on Richard Moult’s album “Last Night I Dreamt of Hibrihteselle”. Put all these previous works out of you mind, though, as this is something very different. Different to most things. Sophie and Delphine are caught here carrying out primal improvisations utilising the profound acoustics of this historic chapel. If you caught any of the unplugged sets at Tor Ist Das! Festival that just used the building’s acoustics then you will know what the building is capable of but with just two people in there, it sounds even more spacious, more infinite. Their tools are a trombone, percussion, electronics, organ and their wordless voices.

This is a limited edition of 50 copies on pink tapes, home dubbed.
Available on Was Ist Das ? label (now SOLD OUT) : wasistdas.co.uk/label/delphine-dora-sophie-cooper-distance-future/


>>> Review on PITCHFORK "The Best Experimental Albums of 2015" : "France’s Delphine Dora and England’s Sophie Cooper have both made impressively uncategorizable music over the past decade, and while they’ve been mutual supporters (Dora released Cooper’s excellent Our Aquarius on her Wild Silence label last year), this is the first time they’ve played together. Improvising in a echo-laden church in West Yorkshire, the pair found a sound distinct from their respective individual work. Their voices fill the space in a haunting-yet-reverent way; some of the tracks are like wordless hymns sung by ghosts. Distance Future’s surrounding ambience reminds me of the holy drones of Charlemagne Palestine and Janek Schaefer on Day of the Demons, but where that record’s power came in clarity, Dora and Cooper’s work is more mysterious—and ultimately something only these two could conjure. "—Marc Masters

>>> Review on THE QUIETUS "Best Experimental Tapes of 2015" :
"One of these months I’m not going to feature a tape from the Was Ist Das label, I swear! They’re not making it easy though. This latest release is insanely beguiling, and features a collaborative session between West Yorkshire based musician Sophie Cooper and French improviser Delphine Dora. Recorded in the atmospheric confines of Todmorden Unitarian Church, Cooper reaches for her trombone alongside electronics throughout the tape’s 13 deftly chosen snippets from the performance, while Dora swaps her usual piano for organ and percussion, with both utilising their haunting wordless vocals throughout. The possible comparisons are few, yet brutally raw in nature: Keiji Haino’s Nijiumu albums, the sound of an Alfred Schnittke choral work reflected by an infinite number of ancient stone wall corners, small snippets of La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela epic vocal drones. Every moment in the unitarian church feels imbued with some truly ancient sounding ritualism. Cooper’s excellent trombone playing adds a rarely heard colour to proceedings, and Dora’s off-kilter percussion contributions (as on ‘Interlude 2’) yank the carpet out from beneath us just as we settle into the strangely alluring darkness summoned by the pair as they drone, sing and otherwise concoct strange sounds before our very ears. Distance Future is pure sonic magic, and the strangest part is, we’re never quite sure if we’re heading into, or escaping from the darkness." - Tristan Bath

"(...) Un premier sentiment émerge après la découverte de cette œuvre, une sorte de perte de repères, une déstabilisation auditive qui s'avère étrangement réconfortante. A travers le jeu acoustique de l'église, les vibrations et ondes évoluent grâce à un trombone, aux diverses sonorités électroniques, à un orgue ou encore à de subtiles percussions. Mais c'est le spectre des deux voix qui donne cette magie à l'ensemble. Utilisées comme un voile, elles font ressortir, ressentir, une explosion de pureté qui s'infiltre dans vos souvenirs d'enfant les plus réconfortants pour leurs redonner vie à travers une bande-sonore imaginaire. On se retrouve aussi plongé dans un tourbillon quasi-religieux, les notes tenues donnent cette atmosphère que le souffle des mélodies vocales vient compléter. (...) "

>>> Review on WE NEED NO SWORDS :
"(...) There’s something completely transporting about this album that makes it a winner, one of the standouts in label Was Ist Das?’s already formidable discography. Those vocals, wordless, enigmatic and beautiful, are definitely part of it, their ineffable shimmer seeming wholly alien and totally human at the same time. They cast a glistering web that seem to reveal the immutable laws of the universe, stars and planets revolving like brass models as those same incantations, almost shamanic in nature, bind them together in their eternal pirouettes.(...)"
- Paul Margree


released October 3, 2015

Sophie Cooper : trombone, electronics, vocals
Delphine Dora : organ, percussion, vocals

Mastered by Andie Brown. Cover art by Lucy Atherton



all rights reserved


Delphine Dora France

Born in 1980, Delphine Dora is a pianist, improviser, singer, and songwriter from France. She did many solo or collaboration recordings in the past and now, released on micro independent labels or available by free download. Drawing inspirations from various influences, her music is intimate, wild, weird and unclassifiable. ... more

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