Parallel World

by Delphine Dora


released as a tape, 40 copies, PMLibrary013 (sold-out)
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New release for the library is a gorgeous near-32 minutes of ecstatic lullaby folklore by Delphine Dora, where dreaming universes wrap around each other like the branches of a stretching tree left untamed and wild. Weaving miniatures nestle against longer forms of spontaneous prose, often in automatic writer snapshot stillness- the lilting deepness of self and the act of playful discovery lit-up.

Layered, stereo parts reassemble the mind into a euphoric and dizzying state, through-composition and improvisation as windows into the fictive piano-and-voice soli.

‘Parallel World’ is the title, and it could very easily be titled ‘worlds’ plural, as each winding reverie taps into the subconscious folk center while pushing further and further into a freer space, this work is adventurous in all the right ways that new music should be: reaching for sounds just barely out of grasp, climbing scales as ladders and as jumping-off points into the unknown, with trickling and clockwork-like floating outflow. Thick painterly brushstroke folk-song, singularly high in ballad and belting, blurry and skyward, psychedelic in abstracted bliss-induction, and real.

Clasping to a tethered reality, undulating between rooted personal time-and-place and flying off completely, the imaginary and the real juxtaposed and unfiltered, loose with structure and purpose, overlapping and tremendously beautiful.

Solo music, self-refined, honest and pure and open.

Delphine runs the Wild Silence label and lives in France.



"I've been working my way back through DORA's discography and i have yet to hear anything i don't dig, but i keep coming back to this PARALLEL WORLD where her music seems fully realized and perfectly crystallized - she conjures otherworldly bygone acid folk arias with haunting modern classical / minimal piano accompaniment that recalls CHRISTINA CARTER and FURSAXA but with even more alluring intimate cerebral weirdness and intersecting further out outsiders like INCA ORE and PHIPPS PT and JACKIE MCDOWELL aka INEZ LIGHTFOOT (whose latest gem NEW BLOOD MEDICINE is out via WILD SILENCE, grab it while you can) - sadly PARALLEL WORLD is sold out at the source but don't let that diminish this amazing album, dig the free download."


"(...)"parallel world" speist sich aus vermeintlicher schnipselware, sorgt aber stets für einen klar konturierten rahmen, innerhalb dessen sich delphine dora zweifelsohne austoben kann. in ein somnambules gefilde wird der hörer geführt, wo es ihm letztlich nicht gelingten wird in einen beruhigenden schlaf zu fallen. zu aufregend ist der alles andere als gereimte flow. (...)"


released December 1, 2016

Delphine Dora: music (piano/vocals), mix
Dana Hilliot: mix, mastering
Dovile Simonyte: artwork



Delphine Dora France

Born in 1980, Delphine Dora is a pianist, improviser, singer, and songwriter from France. She did many solo or collaboration recordings in the past and now, released on micro independent labels or available by free download. Drawing inspirations from various influences, her music is intimate, wild, weird and unclassifiable. ... more

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